Louise Plant SKPs and BBPs

In July 2012, it was a pleasure to work with British Sculptor – Louise Plant and assist in the realisation of five screenprints from Louise’s SKP series.

The prints accompany sculptural works of a similar nature made in Carrara marble that feature in the 2012 Clifford Chance prize.


The prints were produced in two versions in editions of 25 on Heritage White 300gsm paper, signed and embossed by the artist.


In July 2014, Louise and I worked together to produce an accompanying series of screenprints – the BBPs. Seven prints in editions of 25 on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300gsm (printed watermark facing side). Paper cropped to 36cm x 35cm, print size 20cm x 20cm.

BBPs for Heraldo







BBPs 1-7 (left to right, top to bottom)









Website: www.louiseplant.com