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Try digging a hole or making a mountain?

The Transformation Loop

When you see a certain colour in a certain light you are changed. When you undertake to complete a project, you can’t go back.

Take the studio (I don’t have one, but I have certain places where I do things), the working space is not an isolated, discreet object, it has a memory. It is a system with machine parts; it is a fluctuating space, partly fixed, partly fluid, yet ready to engage. With each ‘event’ the work space is changed; try as we might it can no longer return to its previous state. Transformation has taken place and some evidence will be left behind.

Compare transformation (which takes effort), with information (which is all around us).

Transformation is active and intergral, like taking part in an event. Information is passive and external, which requires only low-level commitment and can be accessed anytime. It is the difference between owning a book and and reading it. Owning is easy, like watching TV, on the other hand reading means intergrating stories into ones life.

On the subject of reading, and re-reading Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha, I attempted to seek the literary aura along the historical routes of La Mancha under my own steam, somewhat quixotically (and fruitlessly). This transformed me sin embargo, as no doubt it should anyone else. I hereby pay homage to Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, and how aspects of that history are sub-consciously interwoven into many of my projects, informing and affecting most things that appear on this website.












Miguel de Cervantes de Saavedra

Born in Alcalá de Henares 1547, died in Madrid 1616