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The Cordillera Chimenea, otherwise known as ‘Parque Natural El Torcal de Antequera’, in Southern Spain, is an imposing and quite unique mountain range of stratified limestone; at 1369m Camorro Alto is the highest point, where telecommunication aerials are elevated to almost biblical status.

Teleological argument explains phenomena, like the existence of telecommunication, mountains and aerials for example, by the purpose they serve as opposed to other postulated causes such as nature or belief. Teleology maintains that form follows function in the natural world, providing an end purpose for people, i.e. that humankind is of central importance in the universe, with everything revolving around us, including mountains as platforms for aerials.

This Cordillera Camorro offers a dubious third alternative to the actual, or postulated versions.

Cordillera Camorro at Printroom London, 15 Perrins Court, London NW3 1QS.